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Aaron Lewis booking agentThere are numerous steps necessary for planning a successful private event, corporate event or fundraiser. When hiring entertainment, you need an experienced team with a proven track record to ensure every aspect of the show will be perfect.  At Command Talent we offer unequaled access to the biggest names in the business and deliver results that far exceed others promises.  So if you are looking to hire Aaron Lewis for your next event contact us. Aaron Lewis is just one of many country artists in our extensive portfolio, contact us today to speak to a Aaron Lewis booking agent.

Country music comes naturally for Aaron Lewis. In fact, the Staind frontman never strayed very far from country. It’s something that he grew up with. It’s something that he comes back to. It’s something that inspires him. It’s something that’s in his blood. Hints of that are present in the stripped honesty and acoustic melodies of Staind hits such as “Outside,” “It’s Been Awhile,” and “So Far Away.”

However, Lewis fully shows that spirit on his forthcoming five-song Town Line debut solo release for Nashville-based Stroudavarious Records and, most prevalently, via its first single, “Country Boy.” With a little help from legends Charlie Daniels and George Jones as well as genre stalwart Chris Young, Lewis tells his story like never before on the song.

Debuting in December 2010, “Country Boy” serves as a fitting introduction to Town Line, which hits shelves in early 2011. Lewis’s voice carries a catchy chorus over a slide guitar, and he opens up about his past, present, and future. Featuring a fiery fiddle lead from Daniels, a booming verse from Jones and Young’s lilting harmonies, “Country Boy” strikes a balance between classic and modern country. About “Country Boy,” Lewis exclaims, “George Jones and Charlie Daniels are two of the genre’s legends, and Chris Young represents the new regime. It’s definitely a personal, autobiographical song, and I’m very thankful that they all participated.”

Their participation formally announces Lewis’s arrival in Nashville with a bang. The song’s music video is an event in and of itself. Not only does the video feature Jones, Daniels, and Young in the studio, but it also draws from Lewis’s own family archives, giving a glimpse into his youth, home, passions, and so much more. “The video really is me. This is probably the most I’ve ever participated in any video that I’ve been involved with. I added a lot to the mix to tell the story.”

“Country Boy” is simply the beginning though. As a whole, Town Line signals the next evolution for Lewis. He went back to his roots, and the results are as powerful and poignant as anything that he’s committed to tape.  Get in touch with Command Talent, an Aaron Lewis Booking Agent to discuss pricing for private parties, corporate events and concerts.