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With the release of his 13th studio album, Welcome to the Fishbowl on BNA Records, Kenny Chesney opts to find that gear and put the pedal to the floor in what’s destined to be a milestone chapter in an already historic career. Chesney calls Fishbowl the “most emotional” record he has ever recorded. With so many songs that already form the soundtrack to so many people’s lives, that in itself says a lot. But more than that, Fishbowl’s 12 songs showcase one of country music’s most important artists at the peak of his powers, simultaneously blending confidence and vulnerability, bravado and longing, in a way few artists could master, regardless of genre.

Longtime fans and newcomers alike will find Chesney’s Fishbowl both familiar and adventurous, with surprises around every corner and insightful observations at every turn. This is Chesney at his most ambitious and fearless, challenging the listener while providing an unforgettable ride. If Chesney crossed his own boundaries with 2009’s critically acclaimed Hemingway’s Whiskey, he ignores them completely this time around. Yet, with its melding of good times and deep longing, Welcome to the Fishbowl is unmistakably Kenny. And this is a good thing.

Produced by Chesney with longtime collaborator Buddy Cannon, Fishbowl delivers great songs penned by both Chesney himself and a diverse mix of top-shelf songwriters. Chesney says that in making the album he felt “solid in his skin” in his roles as songwriter, producer and interpreter of songs. “I’d been through a lot emotionally since Hemingway’s Whisky came out, and I think that’s reflected in this record,” he says. “My main goal when I went into the studio was to be honest with my fans and myself as a songwriter and a creative person. I do feel like, now more than ever, that I’m comfortable at being authentic, wherever that leads me. That’s why I’m proud of this record, because every song on it has been an evolution.”

Chesney welcomes both veteran fans and newbies. “I’m excited about the people that have been on this train with me a long time, listened to my music, dreamed this dream with me and saw everything that has happened,” he says. “I’m excited for them to hear this music and the evolution of where it’s at, and where I’m going. And I’m also excited for those people that are at their first show, that never bought one of my records, that don’t know anything about me at all. If Welcome to the Fishbowl is their first Kenny Chesney record, I’m really glad that this is their first one. I’m that proud of it.”  Get in touch with Command Talent, a Kenny Chesney booking agent to discuss pricing for private parties, corporate events and concerts.