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Vance Joy booking agentThere are numerous steps necessary for planning a successful private event, corporate event or fundraiser. When hiring entertainment, you need an experienced team with a proven track record to ensure every aspect of the show will be perfect.  At Command Talent we offer unequaled access to the biggest names in the business and deliver results that far exceed others promises.  So if you are looking to hire Vance Joy for your next event contact us. Vance Joy is just one of many artists in our extensive portfolio, contact us today to speak to a Vance Joy booking agent.

The Vance Joy story doesn’t begin with joining Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, playing gigantic stadium stages as celebrities look on. Rather, the tale’s innocuous beginnings lie in playing open mics around his hometown of Melbourne, with Vance Joy (real name: James Keogh; “Vance Joy” was lifted from a character — a “storyteller and a crazy old man” — in Bliss, a novel by famous Australian author Peter Carey) trying make a name for himself with his gentle, heartfelt indie folk-pop and lovelorn lyricism.

As far as gambles go, though, Vance Joy believing in his music enough to focus strictly on music and writing and putting law to the side was a big one. Following his debut EP, “God Loves You When You’re Dancing” (2013) Vance Joy released his first single in the US, a ukulele-led song called “Riptide.”

With an unshakeable pop hook and an eminently relatable narrative, “Riptide” unexpectedly swept across the globe on a worldwide wave. It began simply, however, as a “bunch of different ideas I pieced together in my bedroom,” says Vance Joy.

“Riptide” proceeded to go Platinum in the USA (2x), Australia (5x), Canada and Sweden (4x), Netherlands (3x), Norway, Poland (2x) as well as the UK, Germany, Italy and Ireland. It also went Gold in Finland, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa and Greece. To date it has nearly 100 million views on YouTube and more than 265 million streams on Spotify (and remains Australia’s most streamed song on Spotify).  Get in touch with Command Talent, a Vance Joy Booking Agent to discuss pricing for private parties, corporate events and concerts.